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Blue Diana Ruffled Pillow $56.99
Delicate sprigs of ivy decorate this ruffled pillow which blends beautifully with our "True French Blue" nursery from designer Amy Coe. 100% cotton How big is it? It's 11 inches by 15 inches. We invite you to come and browse through our selection of stylish, affordable maternity and baby clothing, charming nursery furnishings, high-quality baby gear, the best toys, unique gifts, and even an easy-to-use baby gift registry. California company
Palisades Burgundy Sofa Palisades Burgundy Sofa $129.00

Rich, bold colors are the hottest look in home fashions. Palisades makes it easy to follow this important trend with three deep jewel tones that enrich any room in your home. The undulating leafy vine pattern and beautifully embellished tonal jacquard gives your furniture a newly upholstered look. http://www.surefitslipcovers.com

Planet Stroller Planet Stroller $259.00

Planet Stroller http://www.ababy.com

Alice Alice $509.00

Alice http://www.ababy.com

Twin Traveler Twin Traveler $349.00

Twin Traveler http://www.ababy.com

Wicker Square-Back Glider Wicker Square-Back Glider $689.00

Wicker Square-Back Glider http://www.ababy.com

Birthday Princess Bike Set Birthday Princess Bike Set $32.00

Our handpainted swing top and bike short set. Birthday bear and heart design are outlined in sparkling glitter. Satin ribbons and bows, along with a poof of maribou, complete the look. 100% cotton. Made in the USA. http://www.jourdanmarie.com

Birthday Boy Short Sleeve Shirt Birthday Boy Short Sleeve Shirt $20.00

Our pique short sleeve white cotton shirt is an adorable way to celebrate your baby boy's first birthday. Front of the shirt features our embroidered "1" patch, while the back reads "Birthday Boy". Elastic hat sold separately. The back of the hat reads "Birthday Boy". Machine wash cold, tumble dry warm. Made in the USA. http://www.jourdanmarie.com


Based on the classic Eton suit. Sir Jason is constructed from raw silk. The suit features a classic jacket over an elegantly styled one piece which buttons up the back and around the legs. Complete with matching cap. Handmade in the USA. http://www.jourdanmarie.com

BibiSounds Deluxe Gift Set BibiSounds Deluxe Gift Set $39.99

Listen, talk, and play music to your unborn baby! http://www.babybazaar.com

Dreamer Design Dreamer Deluxe 1620 Dreamer Design Dreamer Deluxe 1620 $279.99

Dreamer Design Stroller http://www.babybazaar.com

Safety 1st Deluxe Groom Set Safety 1st Deluxe Groom Set $11.95

Grooming products for your infant http://www.babybazaar.com

Safety 1st 900 MHz Sensitive Sound Nursery Monitor Safety 1st 900 MHz Sensitive Sound Nursery Monitor $44.95

Patented 900 Mhz Technology delivers superior sound and clarity  http://www.babybazaar.com

Baby Bear Blue Plate Baby Bear Blue Plate

Package of 8 paper plates. Size: 22.8cm http://www.allinafamily.com

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