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A delightful way to remember someone special. On Sale $31.45
Description This soothing vanilla scented collection is the perfect way to express your appreciation to any special person. Included: one 3 x 6" vanilla pillar candle, a glass pillar holder, 4 vanilla votive candles and a glass votive cup. Welcome to the Wicks’ End Online Candle Store! If you are looking for anything candle related, you have come to the right place. We take pride in knowing that we are "Your One Stop Candle Shop". Georgia company.
"Typhoon" sub clock $79.00

A few years back, Russia's Vostok Military Clock Factory produced these 8-day ship's clocks, like those found on the Soviet Navy's nuclear submarines and warships. Subsequently, economic hardships caused the Russian Navy to stop building subs and this factory to halt producing clocks. We cajoled them to make a few, just for us. The precision, 12-jewel mechanical movement is sealed in an aluminum housing to survive depths to 2,000' and depth charge concussions. Features Typhoon sub (made famous in The Hunt for Red October) breaking the water's surface, hammer and sickle and marine anchor, all surrounded by a polished brass-colored faceplate. Made in Russia and Typhoon, in Russian, on dial. A whopping 6˝ lbs., 8; diameter (5˝; face), 3; deep. 9; wall-mounting plate, dual-purpose key and factory documents. Serial numbered. One-year warranty. Ideal for home or office. (Our top choice for that unique gift for special clients and tough-to-buy-for guys.) http://www.sovietski.com

Artillery figurines Artillery figurines $119.00

When Napoleon's Grand Army met Kutuzov's forces at Borodino, 75 miles west of Moscow, the tide of the war changed. The ensuing battle was the beginning of the end for Napoleon. These lead-cast figures of the opposing artillery crews and opposing color guard, crafted and painted completely by hand, capture the spirit of the men that shaped history. Each artillery set comes complete with officer, four crewmen and a &;six-pounder"e; artillery cannon (4˝"e;x2˝). Each color guard set comes complete with a flag bearer, drummer, rifleman, sergeant and officer. An excellent and affordable addition to any collection. Each piece is approximately 3"e; tall. (54mm format). Please specify French or Russian. http://www.sovietski.com

Lead-cast knight figurines Lead-cast knight figurines $89.00

Knights, brandishing weapons forged of steel and outfitted in heavy armor, clashed on medieval battlefields. This set of five lead-cast knights hearkens back to the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table. Each figure has been painstakingly hand-painted, from their colorful heraldry to the individual pieces of their armor. Great for collectors, history buffs and the child in everyone. Set of five. Approximately 4 tall (54mm). http://www.sovietski.com

WWII allied recruiting sign WWII allied recruiting sign $18.00

During "the Big One" (WWII), Army recruiting offices pushed the patriotic buttons by asking for volunteers to defend the homeland. The classic images of Uncle Sam, a Red Army Soldierl and John Bull pointing out the obligation to serve one's country inspired the masses to volunteer. Our high-gauge steel, enameled signs are imported from England. 16"x12". Ready to hang. Save on the complete set of three! Please specify above.http://www.sovietski.com

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