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Emerging research confirms nutrition may play a significant role in assisting the body to repair the damage to joints and cartilage. Compounds such as glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate along with specific antioxidant vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients have been shown to actually stabilize and even reverse the progression of joint and cartilage deterioration.
Nutricounter Nutricounter $129.95

Hand held weight loss and health management system. http://www.nutricounter.com

DietPower Nutrition Software DietPower Nutrition Software $49.99

DietPower turns your computer into a personal trainer that helps you lose weight, get in shape, and balance your diet. Because it learns your true metabolic rate, it is the only program that can guarantee reaching your goal on your target date. It monitors your balance of 33 different nutrients, analyzes recipes, tracks calories burned in exercise, and shows nutrients in 8,500 foods. It also gives you personalized advice and includes a handy calendar and diary. Endorsed by top nutrition and fitness experts, the program has won rave reviews from leading magazines and Web Sites. http://www.dietpower.com

Portion Power Food Scale Portion Power Food Scale $34.99

It's small and unobtrusive -- just 5" in diameter and 1-1/2" high. It offers excellent repeatability: If a slice of roast beef registers 2.6 ounces, it won't measure 2.4 or 2.7 if you plop it on again. The lithium battery is guaranteed for 10,000 weighings -- good for years of dieting. The scale also has a "tare" button that zeroes the reading after you set an empty plate or cup on the scale, so you can measure only the contents. http://www.dietpower.com

Manta Bathroom Scale Manta Bathroom Scale $49.99

Manta® thin-line bathroom scale. We chose this finely crafted instrument especially for DietPower users. Measures to the nearest 0.2 pound -- so sensitive that you can see your weight changing daily. (Also measures in kilograms.) Ultra-thin 11-3/4"-by-13-3/8" white rectangle will fit into most briefcases. Ergonomically curved surface (inspired by the sea creature for whom the scale is named) makes stepping onto the platform each morning a surprisingly pleasant sensation. Huge LCD display is wonderfully easy to read, even without your glasses. Comes with lithium batteries that never need replacing (10,000 weighings guaranteed). Normally $70. Your price: $49.99. http://www.dietpower.com

Animal Medicine Cards Animal Medicine Cards $27.95

One of the most popular and loved divination tools. Experience the self-discovery power of Animal Medicine Cards. We have about the Best Price anywhere. http://www.serenityhealth.com

Baieido Japanese Incense - Shu-Koh-Koku - Large Box (# 570) Baieido Japanese Incense - Shu-Koh-Koku - Large Box (# 570) $84.95

Magnificent very high grade aloeswood incense. 170 grms. Approx. 460 sticks. Burns 30 minutes per 5.3 inch stick. http://www.serenityhealth.com

7-Day Smoke Away 7-Day Smoke Away $59.95

Quit Smoking In Just 7 Days, Guaranteed
Or Your Money Back

That's a bold statement to make, but the 7-Day Smoke Away program is that effective.

7-Day Smoke Away is a three-part, seven day program to help you quit smoking.

This herbal, all-natural system helps people fight the physical, psychological, and emotional challenges of quitting. The natural supplements and aromatherapy help reduce your cravings, calm your nerves, and empower you with the belief you need to kick the cigarette habit forever.

If you start the all natural, 7-Day Smoke Away program today, by this time next week, you could be a non-smoker for good! GUARANTEED!

Get rid of your expensive nicotine patches and nicotine gum that fill your body with the very thing you are trying to escape--nicotine! The complete 7-Day Smoke Away system helps get you through the craving to smoke. Imagine quitting smoking without the normal withdrawal symptoms!

You'd never dream of giving shots of whiskey to an alcoholic to help them quit drinking. And you'd never offer cookies and potato chips to a dieter to help them shed pounds, right? So why would you choose to put MORE nicotine in your body when you are trying to break free of nicotine?

To stop smoking, you have to escape from nicotine. Unfortunately, withdrawal from nicotine can be horrendous. Many smokers give up trying to quit and go back to smoking because withdrawal is so difficult.

That's what makes 7-Day Smoke Away so amazing. This doctor-developed program gives you a unique blend of traditional herbal and homeopathic formulas to help maintain your sense of health and well being while you change your habits.

Three Part System

7-Day Smoke Away includes 3 products to help you quit smoking:

Craving Control Formula

This natural product is scientifically formulated to reduce your cravings for tobacco, cause an aversion to tobacco, and calm your anxiety and restlessness associated with the chronic use of nicotine. It also counters symptoms of respiratory disturbance associated with smoking.

Cleanse and Calm Formula

This synergistic herbal formula eases nicotine cravings and withdrawal jitters along with the stress and anxiety associated with quitting. A key ingredient in this formula stimulates excretion of nicotine wastes in the sweat, clears mucus and breaks up congestion. (i.e. helps clean nicotine out of your body!) Another key ingredient reduces the desire for nicotine because it is thought to bind to the nicotine receptors in the body.

Aromatherapy Formula

This mood-uplifting essential oil blend aromatherapy liquid relieves nervous tension and stress.

Aromatherapy Formula is your safety net when cravings hit. Aromatherapy has been long known for its ability to immediately create a response. This selection of natural herbs and oils combine to energize, calm, and relieve tension. Research shows the a

Habit Regulator Electronic Smoking Control Aid Habit Regulator Electronic Smoking Control Aid $19.95

Put your quit smoking efforts on "auto-pilot". This handy gadget puts you in control of your smoking habit, helping you to quit smoking gradually.

The Habit Regulator is simple in design and use. First, the included 24 page booklet will teach you how to create your own, personalized quitting plan. You'll design a sensible plan to reduce your smoking over a period of days or weeks, whichever you choose. You'll make some simple calculations, according to the booklet, then you'll begin smoking at timed intervals.

You set a time on the Habit Regulator and it will begin counting down the minutes until your next cigarette. When the time is up, it will beep to let you know it's time to smoke. When you are done with that cigarette, you simply press a couple buttons on the Habit Regulator and start the timer again. You are now smoking on auto-pilot.

As time progresses you simply increase the time between each smoke. The Habit Regulator dutifully counts down the minutes until your next smoke and beeps when it's time to light up. Your body will become less exposed and addicted to nicotine, helping you to stop smoking without feeling the mind-bending withdrawal symptoms so many smokers experience. http://www.quitsmoking.com

Homeopathic Remedy Finder Homeopathic Remedy Finder $39.95

The Homeopathic Remedy Finder software program is ideal for those new to homeopathy. http://www.digitalriver.com

Homeopathic Remedy Finder Homeopathic Remedy Finder $39.95

The Homeopathic Remedy Finder software program is ideal for those new to homeopathy. http://www.herbselect.com

Herbal Remedy Finder Herbal Remedy Finder $34.95

The Herbal Remedy Finder is a downloadable software program that is easy to use. 204 medicinal herbs are outlined. Over 100 color pictures. http://www.digitalriver.com

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