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Bidz: 3562 Eastham Dr., Culver City, CA 90232
Bidz: BBB member
Bidz: Bidz.com offers the experience of "Live Auctions" to give you the feel and excitement of a real auction. Try it and you will not be disappointed. For the anxious bidders with little time to wait, we have the LIVE 3 Minute Auctions running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a breakthrough in the online auctions by Bidz.com. In addition, we also offer an exclusive line of Extremely Expensive items for the discerning bidders. Satisfaction of our bidders is of paramount importance. We at Bidz, guarantee our listings as described by our own team of gemologists. If the item you receive is not as described, you shall receive a full refund, including shipping and handling. You can also return items to us for whatever reason and with no questions asked for a restocking fee of 15%. Please review the return policy described on each listing page.
UBid: 8550 W. Bryn Mawr ste. 200 Chicago, IL 60631
UBid: BBB member
UBid: uBidís Superstore was created to offer you great products at excellent prices! Now when shopping at uBid, you have two choices. You can choose to purchase a product outright, at fixed price, through visiting the Superstore Tab, or bid in our proven auction format. The addition of uBidís Superstore not only provides you with another buying option, but also enables you to gather critical buying decision information, including price, feature and quality comparisons that match your needs. This enables you to make even smarter buying decisions when purchasing products on uBid. What is different between Auction listings and the Superstore listings? The Auctions Tab directs you to products, which are strictly available through an auction format. These products are new or refurbished, and most come with warranties. When shopping within the Superstore section of the site, you can purchase products outright, at a fixed price by adding items quickly and conveniently to your shopping cart.
Buy Below Cost: USA
Buy Below Cost: BuyBelowCost is a high-performance, easy to use Online Classified Ad Website that brings quality buyers and sellers together from all over- and there are NO buyer or seller transaction fees! We make it all so simple again! Begin by browsing around the categories that interest you most, or use our Super Search feature to locate ads with specific keywords. When you find an item of interest, click on the member's name and you can instantly send an offer or inquiry to the member which placed the classified ad. Your transactions are settled privately between buyer and seller. If you wish additional security for your transaction(s), consider and escrow service such as Escrow.com. Click below to learn more.
Buy Below Cost: Travel back for a moment to 1995 when commerce on the web was just beginning and the word community was associated with the internet for virtually the first time. The early greats, companies like eBay, Amazon & Onsale.com were wildly successful because of their intuitive design, ease of use and their simple purpose- provide a very useful service and keep people happy. BuyBelowCost, Inc. takes you back to those 'days of old'. Founded by long time ecommerce veterans in San Francisco in January 2001, BuyBelowCost shares that same mission. We provide a free, high performance service that allows people globally, to buy & sell goods & services online. We have made it all so simple again. BuyBelowCost ads are viewed hundreds of thousands of times per week. It only takes a minute to register and less time to post an item for sale so come join us! BuyBelowCost, Inc is a corporation formed in the State of California. We respect your need for privacy. We do not share, sell or trade account information with outside marketing companies or service providers. For your utmost safety, we use VeriSign as our trusted & secure credit card processor.
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