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Regular Mail International Student Exchange Cards, Inc. 5010 East Shea Boulevard, Suite A104 Scottsdale, Arizona 85254 Telephone (800) 255-8000 (toll free USA) (480) 951-1177 (international calls) Facsimile (480) 951-1216
The International Student Exchange Identity Card was created to encourage students to enhance their educational experience through traveling and learning about the culture and history of other parts of the world, something that they would otherwise not be able to afford on their limited budgets. By carrying the ISE Card with them at all times, students can benefit from discounted entrance fees, food prices, language schools, transportation costs, and room rates in beautiful and interesting locations throughout the world. In addition, since the ISE Card is recognized internationally as a valid Student ID Card, many designated historical sites will honor the ISE Card for existing student rates.
What Is The ISE Card? The International Student Exchange ID Card is an internationally recognized identification and discount card available to students of any age, faculty members, and youths between the ages of 12 and 26 years.
Worldwide Student Discounts with the ISE Card!