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DDC Jap ok domain
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.FM CA good FM
DiscountDomain: Japen
DiscountDomain: This has been GMO Group's guiding philosophy and corporate motto since it started the Internet business in 1995. GMO, or the Global Media Online Group, believes it is the Group's mission to develop socially useful infrastructure and service infrastructure, namely to provide "stages for the Internet," and it has promoted its business accordingly. Advantages of the GMO Group The advantages of the GMO Group are its strategy, foresight, speed, marketing ability, leadership, and organizational ability, as well as its technical capability. All GMO Group staff members share the Group's mission, vision, and philosophy, which create a unified platform from which the Group can demonstrate its advantages.
DiscountDomain: Registering a domain name at Discount-Domain.com is made simple with our easy-to-follow three-step process. All that is required is your choice of domain name, your contact details and a credit card. The whole process takes no more than a few minutes and your domain will be registered. You will then have taken the first step in developing your on-line presence.
Domain-Maniac.com c/o Interlink Network Group, Inc. 9013 NE Hwy 99, Suite X Vancouver, WA 98665
Domain-Maniac.com is an authorized Registration Service Provider (RSP) of the ICANN accredited OpenSRS ( http://www.opensrs.org ) domain name registrar. OpenSRS is a TUCOWS company.
Domain-Maniac.com offers many great products and services. We are committed to providing our customers with excellent support and reliability at affordable prices. Domain Services Domain Registration Domain Renewals Domain Transfers Hosting Services Web Hosting Email Service DNS Management E-commerce Dedicated Hosting Monthly Specials Email boxes only $12/yr Free Services FREE URL Redirection FREE domain parking
BackOrderDomain: 115 NW First Ave., Suite 300 Portland, OR 97209 USA
BackOrderDomain: Located in Portland, Oregon, SnapNames is privately-backed by seasoned Internet executives and strategic partner firms from the Internet industry and venture community. SnapNames has recruited some of the leading technologists, marketers and attorneys in the domain name community to its world-class management team.
BackOrderDomain: The SnapBack® back-ordering system helps you secure desired domain names and protect the names you already have, all for only $69 a year.
Dotster Inc. PO Box 821066 Vancouver, WA 98682-0024
Dotster Inc.: Dotster Inc. is a leading ICANN-accredited registrar capable of registering your .com, .net and .org top level domain (TLD) names. Specializing in service to corporate accounts and Internet Service Providers, our goal is to develop and maintain excellent business relationships through superior customer service, easy-to-use Web site features, fast, efficient and reliable domain registrations, and competitive pricing. By choosing to register your domain names with Dotster, you are guaranteed many value-added features that make registering domain names even easier and more enjoyable. NameSpin, multi-year pricing, and our dotPartner and dotAffiliate programs are only a few of the special services we provide. Please review the rest of our Web site to find out more about these services. The Internet is a constantly changing landscape of millions and millions of Web sites. A unique domain name is your first point of entry into this world; it is your first step to gaining your Internet identity. At Dotster, we're excited about the opportunity to register that unique name for you!
Dotster Inc.: web hosting, email, design, promotions, etc.
New: New.net 76 N. Fair Oaks Pasadena, CA, 91103 Phone (626) 405-2000 Fax (626) 405-2010
New: New.net™ seeks to become the world's leading domain name registry by introducing and selling domain names with new extensions that offer greater relevance and meaning than current Web site addresses ending in .com, .net, and other existing top-level domains. We are making this possible initially by encouraging millions of users to activate their Internet browsers to recognize New.net domain names and partnering with leading Internet Service Providers to activate our domain names automatically at the network level. We now have tens of millions of users that have access to New.net domain names, and we are confident that New.net domain names will soon be recognized universally across the Internet. Our primary objectives are to sell domain names that individuals and companies genuinely want, and to make the Internet an easier place for users to find what they are looking for. We have developed proprietary technology that allows our domain-naming system to exist alongside the traditional naming systems currently in use on the Internet. New.net has applied for patent protection for this technology.
New: Register Domain Names Manage My Account Renew Domain My Shopping Cart Instructions Quick! Traffic Booster Web Site Solutions Web Hosting Free URL
The .tv Corporation International 10 Universal City Plaza 10th Floor Universal City, CA 91608
Other Domain Names: Registrations for all other Domain Names are also on a first-come, first-served basis, at a standard low price that represents the first year's Annual Registration Fee. Registrants of .bz, .cc, and .name Domain Names must agree to a minimum registration term of one (1) year, although you can prepay for one (1) to ten (10) years at the time of registration. Registrants of .info and .biz Domain Names must agree to a minimum registration term of two (2) years, and you must prepay for two (2) years at the time of registration. You may also register .info and .biz Domain Names for three (3), five (5) or ten (10) years terms.
The .tv Corporation generally registers domain names on a first-come, first-served basis, at a standard low price that represents the first year's Annual Registration Fee. However, for .tv Domain Names determined to be generic or common words or phrases, and 1- to 3- character combinations ("Premium Names"). tv generally registers the domain name at premium fixed fees, also on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrants of all .tv Domain Names, including Premium Names, must agree to a minimum registration term of two (2) years, although you can prepay for one (1) to ten (10) years at the time of registration. Check our home page for the current promotions or changes to the Annual Registration Fee.
MegaDomains: Mega Clutch 6230 Wilshire Blvd Suite 1782 Los Angeles, CA 90048
MegaDomains: Can I get a refund if I do not want the domain name that I registered? No, we're sorry. Domain name registration fees are not refundable and the registration period cannot be shortened or cancelled. However, when the registration period is over, you can choose not to renew it.
MegaDomains: Domain Names Register a Name Transfer Your Name Bulk Registration Whois Search Web Hosting Services Domain Management Login My Domain Names Update Contact Info Email Forwarding DNS Settings DNS Servers My Transfers
RegistryWeb: Pearl Street Boulder, CO 80302 USA
RegistryWeb: RegistryWeb recommends the following services to customers who want free hosting. Each offers a wide range of free features: HYPERMART FREEWEBSITES FREESERVERS
RegistryWeb: FREE PARKING (reservation) of your domain for as long as you need it. FREE URL FORWARDING (cloaked or uncloaked) if you want to point your domain at another URL. FREE DNS SERVERS if you want to point your domain at another IP address. FREE HOSTING - a range of free hosting options are available if you need a web site. FREE UNLIMITED SUBMISSION of your domain to nearly 40 search engines and directories
dotFM · 760 Market St. Ste.958 · San Francisco CA 94102 Tel: 1.888.697.2860 · Fax: 1.888.418.2782
dotFM What does it cost to register a premium .FM domain name and when is payment for registering a domain name due? The dotFM Domain Registration fee for a premium .FM domain with four letters or more in front of the .FM Top-Level-Domain (Example: ’abcd.fm’) is One Hundred Dollars (US$100.00) per year. For FM domains with three letters or less in front of the .FM Top-Level-Domain (Example: ’abc.fm’) the cost is of Two Hundred Dollars (US$200.00) per year. Payment is due at time of registration. PremiumPlus™ .FM domain names have variable registration fees starting at $250/first year depending on the .FM domain selected. These .FM PremiumPlus™ names are among the hottest names on the Net!
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