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eTrust ? ok security
easyDNS CAN good DNS
Streamload CA good storage
LinksManager ? ok links
ProAccelere CA good webspeed
AnimationF SD good animation
vBulletin UK ok webforum
Seuagan ? ok marketing
Everyone CA good storage
FusionBot IL good search
Etrust: ?
Etrust: Our Web Support Services comprise of our comprehensive Self-Help Knowledgebase and our knowledgeable Online Customer Support Team. Between the two components, chances are there's already an answer to your question, or a solution to your problem. To access my-eTrust.com Web Suppor
Etrust: antivirus, firewall, etc.
easyDNS Technologies Inc. 304A - 219 Dufferin St. Toronto, Ontario M6K 3J1 CANADA
easyDNS Technologies Inc. you can start using your domain name right away. You can administer your settings immediately upon signup, by routing email for your domain somewhere, directing URL requests to a web page, or even just leaving our default "under construction" page for your domain in place. As soon as your domain is activated by the registry, you're ready to go. No upselling, no gimmicks, simply add your domain and then start using it. Our customer support is second to none. Our customers are impressed by our support. In addition to our online tutorials, our email support is extremely fast. Persons calling our toll-free support line are astonished to connect with a real live human. Our support staff take proactive measures to make sure your domain is operating properly. If our system detects a problem, we'll contact you and give you a heads up. With nameservers, redundancy is a good thing. Many ISP's and even a few domain registration companies have all their eggs in one basket, meaning all their nameservers are located on the same network backbone. If the gateway to that backbone ever goes down for any amount of time, DNS for any domains on the unreachable nameservers becomes unavailable. This means even if your website is up, people will not be able to get to it because the nameservers that describe where it is are unreachable. That's why it is always recommended to have at least one nameserver on a different network backbone than the primary nameserver. At ™, we have multiple nameservers deployed over different backbones. Our nameservers are situated in colocation facilities which have multiple connections to the internet.
easyDNS Technologies Inc.: Domain Name Registration | Domain Name Transfers | E-Mail Forwarding DNS Service & Management | Dynamic DNS Service | Secondary DNS Service
Streamload 2053 Garnet Avenue, Suite A San Diego, CA 92109 USA
Streamload: Streamload is an online file storage, hosting and delivery service. Streamload leads the online storage industry. Its servers contain many terabytes of data maintained by a unique storage architecture. Users upload their data and access it wherever and whenever they want through a web browser. Many customers use Streamload's acclaimed file hosting service to unburden their bandwidth strains. Streamload specializes in high speed file delivery. Customers use Streamload Email to easily and instantaneously send and receive files that are gigabytes in size. Enterprise customers include New Mexico State University. Using Streamload, NMSU securely hosts more than 1,000 hours of audio recordings for its 25,000 student population. Streamload was founded in June, 1998 initially developing its proprietary data storage algorithms. Streamload.com, the Internet service, was launched in April, 2000 and now services tens of thousands of customers worldwide.
Streamload: So you need to get that 9 MB quickbooks file to your accountant today and your email client just keeps timing out. Streamload is the solution! Easily Streamload Email any file - its like regular email, only better. Sending files is free. Of course, you can also receive files at no charge. Send any file type: MP3, AVI, MPG, videos, photos, Office docs, databases - anything. We offer a 30 day free trial and our subscribers pay as little as $4.95 a month for 1000 MB's of download bandwidth. Click here to see all our low prices.
Linksmanager: ?
Linksmanager: SETUP IS A SNAP - EASY AND POWERFUL No software to download or install No upgrades or software patches ever necessary Works from any web browser with an internet connection Import your current links pages - no retyping or recoding necessary Full, point-and-click cosmetic control to seamlessly blend your new links pages with the rest of your website Multiple categories and subcategories let you organize your links into meaningful groups Links pages can be stored on your own web server, under your own domain DAILY OPERATIONS SIMPLIFIED TO SAVE TIME Webmasters easily add and edit their links on your site and await your approval - no coding or FTP necessary Newly added links highlighted automatically with the graphic of your choice Featured link category gives special visual positioning to highlight the links of your choice Create Most Popular Top Links Lists - Let LinksManager track what links are being clicked, then follow our easy wizard to create Most Popular Links lists with limitless options!
Linksmanager: ROUTINE TASKS NO LONGER A HASSLE Dead link checker finds and flags dead links listed on your links pages Reciprocal link checker searches the net to verify that your link or banner exists on all websites listed on your links pages Automatic links rotation insures equal coverage for all the links on your site Click here for more information
PropelAccelerator: 1010 Rincon Circle San Jose, CA 95131
PropelAccelerator: Our customers are our top priority and we are committed to delivering value and quality that consistently exceed their expectations. The community around us is an integral part of our environment and extends the world in which we live and work. We continuously strive to give something back by investing our time and resources to improve the lives of those around us
PropelAccelerator: Just one quick download, Propel Accelerator works with your ISP, is available anywhere, and does not require any new hardware. Try it with confidence - sign up and you will not be charged for 7 days!
AnimationFactory: Animation Factory 2000 W. 42nd St. Suite C Sioux Falls, SD 57105
AnimationFactory: Animation Factory is the ultimate destination for animated graphics for your web sites, e-mails and presentations. You can download over 3,000 free animations or purchase access to our complete collection of over 120,000 animations. We are a small dedicated staff of artists who have continually been creating animated clips for the past 5 years (read more about our company here.) Every day we continue to create even more and better content. We hope you enjoy the results of all our labor. Bizrate member.
AnimationFactory: Alphabets Animals Birds Buildings Business Computer Creatures Dividers Flags Nations Flags US States Food Holiday Events Insects Machines Money Music Nature Objects People A L People M Z Religious School Science Sports Symbols Time Transportation War Web Buttons Web Text
vBulletin: Jelsoft Enterprises Limited, Tagra, Birch Lane, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 8RF
vBulletin: Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd is a UK based new media company specialising in developing low-cost, high-performance web applications. We aim to maximise the end-user's community experience, while maintaining a powerful set of administration tools to put you in full control of your community. We have over 6 years of online experience, working with community driven sites since the birth of the internet as we know it today. Jelsoft's flagship product, vBulletin, has created vibrant communities wherever it goes. A stable and mature product, written with security and speed in mind, it has excelled in situations where other products would buckle under the load. It has been tested in real-life situations with over 1000 users online at the same time, and with over 3 million posts. In addition, Jelsoft provides world-renowned technical support, with the average support ticket answered within 3 hours, at any time of the day or night, 7 days a week.
vBulletin: vBulletin is a powerful community solution that makes it easy to add a forum messaging system to your web site. Unlike other forum software, vBulletin is developed using PHP and MySQL (an amazingly quick open-source database). This solid back end technology allowed us to develop a product that is both blisteringly fast, yet amazingly stable.
See You Again Software, LLC: ?
See You Again Software, LLC has been helping online businesses increase sales for over 3 years using proven desktop marketing solutions. See You Again Shortcut™, our flagship product, is a patent pending technology used by over 5,000 online businesses in over 100 countries. We are the recognized leader in online desktop marketing and our award winning software is so trusted that we're proud to say it's even used by the United States Government. See You Again Shortcut™ is endorsed by the Real Estate Cyberspace Society
See You Again Software, LLC: See You Again Shortcut™ is the #1 desktop marketing solution for increasing web site sales. Our patent pending technology gives your prospects the power to place your company logo on their Windows Desktop, Start Menu, and more. Your prospects can then click on your logo at any time -- right from their Desktop -- and are automatically taken directly back to your site. The result? More qualified prospects and more sales. Marketing executives at Fortune 500 companies have used Desktop marketing to increase their sales for years. But, up until now, it's been very expensive for smaller businesses to do. Now with our technology it's inexpensive and you too can use this highly effective and prestigious marketing solution. Want to learn how See You Again Shortcut™ can increase your profits?
Everyone.net: 2216 O'Toole Avenue San Jose, CA, 95131-1326 1-408-519-8200
Everyone.net is a leading provider of outsourced email solutions for individuals and companies around the world. Everyone.net powers custom email services for everyone from Internet Service Providers, web hosts and web sites to businesses, organizations and individuals. Our cost effective solutions are built on a highly scalable infrastructure and include advanced services like IMAP and LDAP as well as anti-spam and virus protection. Having provisioned over 22 million mailboxes for over 100,000 domains, Everyone.net has been reliably delivering solutions for companies around the world since 1998. Privately held, Everyone.net is located in San Jose, CA. Outstanding Solutions Everyone.net's email solutions are easy to setup, highly reliable and extremely cost effective. Our solutions combine outstanding engineering, technology and infrastructure taking the hassle out of email. This benefits everyone from individuals needing their own email identity, to businesses needing reliable trouble free email service. Our solution scales to enable web hosts and service providers to provide excellent email services using our infrastructure providing their customer's unsurpassed reliability and functionality Backed by 24-hour support, 365 days a year, Everyone.net provides the complete email solution for organizations of any size.
Everyone.net: Reliability Everyone.net provides email reliability and expertise that few companies can build on their own. Our infrastructure includes over 9 terabytes of Network Appliance redundant storage coupled with our fault tolerant Sun Network providing 99.9% uptime for you and your business. Everyone.net's infrastructure has been in place since 1998 and handles over 400 million messages a month for 100,000+ domains. Everyone.net provides a full set of email features that are immediately available to you and your business. Access your mail from the web or use your favorite email application with our POP and IMAP services. Everyone.net Total Protection provides protection for you and your business against harmful computer viruses and costly spam. Our virus software is updated hourly to keep new viruses away from your inbox. Our SpamShield product along with our active protection systems keeps spam and directory service attacks away from your servers and your inbox. Everyone.net services scale as you grow. We can handle your growth without costly upgrades or new equipment. Our plans start at under $3 per user per month, which is far less than hosting your own email system. Everyone.net has plans for individuals, businesses, ISP and web sites. Select the plan that is right for you and let us take care of your email.
FusionBot: LOGIKA Corporation 3717 North Ravenswood, Suite 243 Chicago, IL 60613
FusionBot: LOGIKA Corporation designs, develops, markets and licenses Internet search products tailored with unique features to meet the identified needs of individual market segments. The essence of our business is to transform the vast amount of data on the Internet into easily accessible and usable information for the end user. Our ingenuity has enabled us to carve out a unique niche in the search products industry. We are always thinking of new and better ways to make information on the web more accessible.
FusionBot: Search-enable your site in minutes regardless as to whether or not your hosting provider or ISP offers a search solution. FusionBot's web-based site search application enables you to offer a seamless search solution to help visitors find what they want quickly and easily. Also, improve site navigation via the automatically generated Sitemap file. The FREE Package's reporting features enable you to determine user patterns / activity and keywords searched, helping you to better design your site for maximum effectiveness. This package includes advertising from our sponsors and a FusionBot / LOGIKA Corporation logo on the search results.

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Bulletproof DNS for your Domains
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xDrive CA good storage
Xdrive, Inc. 1630 Stewart Street, Suite 140 Santa Monica, CA 90404
Xdrive, Inc. (www.xdrive.com), is the leading provider of online storage and file sharing services. Xdrive provides its patented Storage Software Platform as a hosted, subscription-based service and is an easy, powerful and cost-effective way for individuals and businesses to store, access and share files. Xdrive provides data storage with all of the benefits of a networked environment - anytime, anywhere access to data that is easily shared and carefully protected. More than 150 major corporations use the Xdrive service, including employees from companies such as IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Nokia, EMC, General Electric, etc., as well as thousands of small businesses and over 20,000 individuals. Xdrive is a Verisign Secure Service with password protections and built-in security features such as SSL and end-to-end 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and authentication.
XDrive: Ease of Use Sharing/Collaboration Security Accessibility Backup Critical Data Large File Transfer Scalability Value