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Hollywood Mega Store has the hottest collection of Hollywood collectibles, and memorabilia available! Choose from our extensive selection of posters, full-sized standups, T-shirts, movie stills, film accessories and more! Discover why we're your only stop to decorate your home or throw a Hollywood theme party! And find savings on the most exciting gift items Hollywood has to offer!


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Welcome to GiftTree.com! We are one of the internet's leading online florists and gift providers since 1995. We are currently ranked as the no.6 gift and flower site on the internet by the BBB, Bizrate, Gomez.com and Verisign. This type of customer service guarantees you a steady revenue stream as customers return time and again.

Bonsai Boy of NY
Largest supplier of Bonsai Trees and supplies on the internet offering hunderds of items at low wholesale prices. Sales of a variety of bonsai, including junipers, Azalea, Rosemary, Brush Cherry, New Zealand Tea Rose, Citrus Trees, Snow Rose Serissa, and much more. Bonsai Boy's unique trees and fountains range in price from under $20.00 to several hundred dollars.

Looking for the perfect gift? OneShare.com allows anyone to purchase a custom framed share of stock in his or her favorite company. Disney, Microsoft, Harley, Coke, Apple, and the WWF are just some of our gift giving favorites The place where you can sell single shares of America's Favorite companies. Harley Davidson, Walt Disney, Apple Computers, Coke, McDonald's and more.The most innovative gift concept on the Internet! We have a gift product that is suitable for every web site! http://www.oneshare.com

Gadget Universe is the premier gift store for unique gadgets, toys, executive products, electronic equipment and more

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A great selection of the most unique and unusual gifts WondefullyWacky.com is the internets premier resource of whimsical wares!

Tired of the same 'ol gifts? Find something new at The Lighter Side Co.!
Tired of giving the same 'ol gifts? The Lighter Side Co. online catalog features many hard-to-find, light-hearted gifts that are perfect for any occassion! The site also features our popular line of nostalgic memorabilia and collectibles as presented in our Betty's Attic catalog. Items to remember years past or to make 'em say "WOW..where'd you get that?!?"

Happy Hallowwen! Visit eInvite.com to select, customize and order invitations for all occasions.
eInvite.come. Invite is an online dealer of custom wedding invitations and announcements, shower and party invitations, fine stationery, birth announcements and children's stationery, bar-bat mitzvah invitations, imprintables, and seasonal holiday greetings from Anna Griffen, Checkerboard, Encore and more. Our value lies in our years of experience, the quality of our product and the personalization tools we offer-allowing the customer to select a design and personalize it with their chosen text, ink color, font style and size, and then see exactly what it will look like with a full-color electronic proof. We process the order, ship the products and handle billing and customer service.

Great Gifts for Grads from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM
1-800-flowers is a retail store since in 1976 in the New York metropolitan area. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® provides a broad range of thoughtful gifts - including flowers, plants, gourmet foods, candies, gift baskets and other unique gifts - to customers around the world via: the Internet

"We believe people in this country ought to be able to work hard and dream big."
George W. Bush 10-15-03(Speech in CA)
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USA & Russia aka Bush and Putin love
US Recession or Who is US?
USA and UN aka Bush speech
War in Iraq Israel, Palestine..
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Alexandry Vladimirovichy and
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their engagement.
Development of Conventional Economics out of Enlightenment Philosophy

Conventional economics is a social application of Enlightenment philosophy. Principles of Enlightenment emphasize superiority of natural physical laws over authority, on reason and optimism over blind beliefs, and on individual interests over community interests. This inevitably comes into conflict with social economics, which is presented by the Catholic Church. From these principles classical economists derive concepts of natural competition between firms, the market’s self regulation, and the concept of the individual as a profit maximizer. Economists prove their models by using logic and empirical support which make conventional economics a science.

Social economics is a reflection of Medieval principles of fairness. According to the Catholic Church, the main spokesman of social economics at that time, all prices should be fair. For example, the Christian shoemaker must sell shoes at a fixed price. By doing this he helps other shoemakers in his town. Indeed, excessive profit is a sin. There is no desire for invention. For instance, if a shoemaker invents a new technology which reduces the cost of the shoes, he can sell more shoes at a lower price. Since the quantity of his sold shoes increases dramatically, he increases his profit. The problem is that the good Christian shoemaker should not put out of business other Christian shoemakers. If you are in a market and find a way to sell at a higher price than other sellers, you are called a sinful person because you sell at “unjust” prices. Therefore, prices tend to be fixed and “fair.” The Medieval gild also assures that all members benefitted equally. It is the economy without innovations, but where well being of each member of society is more important than profits. Therefore, Medieval people have fair static economy.

Advances in natural sciences contribute to the development of economics. First science proves that the Earth does not need a constant regulation from outside and runs around the Sun automatically, and energy and matter cannot be created and destroyed. Regulation of firms by the “invisible hand of the market” is like movement of the Earth around the Sun. The system works automatically. Therefore, the business firms, being natural, do not need regulation from the monarch. Later, Darwin’s conclusion that only best species survive can be applied to support that only the most productive profit maximizing firms survive in the competition. Since nature runs automatically and better species are the result of competition that is natural to put your neighbor out of business by increasing your productivity.

Reason and optimism are part of Enlightenment philosophy and conventional economics. Human reason can calculate and try to forecast tangible amounts of material wealth like manufactured goods, but human reason is not certain about spiritual wealth. Enlightenment overthrows the concept of Divine Monarchy. Reason is used to destroy the concept that God gave power to rule only to few chosen people. Economic growth becomes a factor of discussion in economics. An increase of the material wealth by any legitimate ways without any consideration of fairness is the goal for a businessman. Although the concept of GDP was developed in 1930s, it is a reflection of Enlightenment philosophy. GDP which is the sum of consumption, investment, net exports, and government expenditures is the national goal and the source of estimation for the economists, but not the amount of hours of spiritual prayers.

In the Enlightenment period individual rights are superior to community interests. The new ideas state that each man has his own capacity to act in his interests without any divine authority. From The Essential Adam Smith, “No participant in the market has in mind - or if he did have in mind, has the power to effect the orderly provisioning of society. Like the butcher and the baker, each is concerned only with his private interest. But the pressure of competition nonetheless turns this self -oriented process toward a socially useful goal.”

New class, rich merchants, bankers, and owners of industrial firms need new religion and new capitalistic economics that make them useful members of society. They are happy to support science, human reason, and individuality. Therefore, businessmen support conventional economics which is an application of these principles. The concept of an individual as a rational profit maximizer, calculation of tangible goods as goals of the people make conventional economics very attractive for rich industrialists who sponsor development of this science. Community and fair static economy becomes something which people need to avoid. Click Now 2 FREE books from eHarlequin.com! 200MB 10GB Web Hosting - $9.95/Month Discount Medical Supplies Magazines are great gifts