Do Russians want a war?
Jews. We are the most ancient people. Our jokes, religion, and science were stolen. Moreover, we the victims, and everybody hate us.  Do you observe the same thing? Is there any difference between a Jew or a goy? Russian or American?  

Bosses exploit working people. They all have only  one goal that is how to pay their employees as little as possible and how to take from them as much as possible. Are bosses all that bad? Can equal salary and central government make everybody happy? 

Hello. I understand you are interested in making some money and thought  you might be interested in this.... I am Miss Fancy Lancy Nandgibula from Sierra Leone, and the eldest daughter of the assassinated president. Is it a real business opportunity? Why are you so sure?

Two friends -- one a fat man and the other a thin man -- met at the Chicago metra station. The fat man had just dined in the station and his greasy lips shone like ripe cherries. He smelt of peachy and cool. Why salary of a person makes a difference? Is the behavior of these two men right? How would you behave if you met a friend who has a different income then you are?

I shall think soon that what people say is true: every woman is possessed by her own peculiar devil of curiosity. Should a man who has 15-20 year old daughter marry to a 25-30 year old woman? 

Either give me other apartments, or I shall leave your doomed hotel altogether! I am sick and tired of the profanity. Is it right to judge people on the basis of their income? Can parents set up a marriage if a daughter does not like the guy?

Two young people who had not long been married were walking up and down the platform of a Schaumburg Metra station. His arm was round her waist, her head was almost on his shoulder, and both were happy. Do you love your relatives? Why did Alex say on the phone that he wants to see his uncle, but actually he did not want the uncle and his family  Do you behave like this young couple? 

The warehouse loader of the packages, John Golt, who had been known for years past as a splendid craftsman, and at the same time as the most senseless man in the DuPage County, was taking his old woman to the hospital. Is life fair? Is the low paying position and poverty are responsible for the misery, ills, and deaths? Is it bad luck? Is it capitalism?

In the cheapest room of a big block of furnished apartments Allan Leisner, a medical student in his third year, was walking back and forth, zealously conning his anatomy. Who is poorer, student or the prostitute? To whom you are more sympathetic? Why some people live in misery? 

Mr. Mike Rabinowitz, an American businessman with the annual salary over $500,000, arrived in his native town of Mozurí, to which he had been invited to fund the Jewish school. Why Shapkin is a bad guy? Why Russians hate Jews?

She was holding my arm and we were standing on a high hill. From where we stood to the ground below there stretched a smooth sloping descent in which the sun was reflected as in a looking-glass. Being on the edge and using drugs is good, isn't it? Getting high and staying high! Did the guy love this girl? Is she really weird?

The charming Jackie, or, as she was described in her id, the "Ms. Jacqueline Toplin Kanavkin," found herself, on leaving the hospital, in a position she had never been in before: without a home to go to or a dollar in her pocket. What was she to do? Did Mr. Finkel recognize his former mistress?  Is life fair for the poor? Why did she forget about her experience so quickly?

New Years Eve, Mollie, the daughter of a farmer, a young and pretty girl, dreaming day and night of being married, was sitting in her room, gazing with exhausted, half-closed eyes into the looking-glass.Is she right by begging a sick man to help her husband? Why the older the people, the more challenging is the life? Does this girl deserve a better future?

It happened not so long ago in the Chicago Federal District court. The jurymen, left in the court for the night, before lying down to sleep fell into conversation about strong impressions. Will the world be happier without lawyers?

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