Rituals on Passover and Different Interpretations of Passover

Passover is one of the main Jewish holidays. Observant Jews do not work at least two days. In recent history this holiday force some intellectuals and religious Jews in Soviet Union to become dissidents in order to leave the Prison of Nations. The interpretation of the Passover by an individual depends upon few things. First, if he or she  is inside or outside of the Jewish community. Second, it depends upon his or her own desires. For instance, the interpretations of an Orthodox Jew, an anti-Semite, and an atheist differ from each other.

 Description of Passover is very interesting. Does an Orthodox Jew know how to celebrate holiday? The following can be his descriptions of the Passover. I know exactly how to celebrate it because great tzadics described the rituals in the Oral Torah and in the Commentaries to the Torah. I celebrate it in a following way. A week before holiday I may help my wife to do housecleaning. Also I and my wife avoid buying any hametz, food containing leaven. Ovens are koshered. We take special dishes for Passover. I put few pieces of hametz in the corners of my room or rooms in order to find this hametz during Bedikat Hametz, search of hametz.  On the night before Passover adults in my family  do Bedikat Hametz. First of all, I bless G-d for  giving me an opportunity to fulfill a mitzvah, a commandment, regarding search of hametz. Since all words should be said as it is written in the Siddur, a prayer book and in the Pesech Hagada, a book which describe this holiday and rituals associated with them, I do not miss any letter from this reciting.  After that I search hametz with a single lighted candle in darkened rooms in my home. After search is done I do statement of Nullification of hametz. These are only few commandments of preparation of Passover. Also there are laws of burning hametz, and sale of hametz. On the first night of Passover all members of my family have the Seder, a holy convocation, in the synagogue.  Seder is organized in a special order. This order is very important for us. One of the reason for this order is the desire of coming of a prophet Alliezer. If this ancient prophet comes to our table the Mashiach, Messiah liberate us. That is why we read Passover Hagada carefully, listen to our rabbis.

As Last Lubavitcher Rebbe said,  ”Pesech is an ongoing process of liberation.The festival and its practices are symbols of a struggle that is constantly renewed within the  Jew, to create the freedom in which to live out his eternal vocation.”  This is a very strong and important statement for members of Chabad. How would a Hasidim reply to it? If Rebbe say this, it should be an absolute true. An observant Jew celebrate Passover in the following way. The following can be a motive for common Hasidim. I do it because it is in the Written  Torah and in the Oral Torah. There is no better book than Torah because G-d give Torah to the  Jews. Torah tells us, “ In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, at twilight, there shall be Passover offering to the Lord, and on the fiftieth day of the same month is the festival of unleaven bread to the Lord. (Leviticus 23:4)

An anti-Semite  say that Jews kill non-Jewish babies in order to make matzos. He or she may give few reasons for as a proof. For example, Jews killed Jesus at the end of Passover because they needed more human blood. Therefore, Jews need blood of innocent non-Jewish babies for their barbaric rituals. 

An atheist may say that God does not exist. There is no historical evidence of miracles  which help Jews to destroy enemies and establish Jewish state in ancient times. Passover was an agricultural holiday. The time of Pesech is the time of beginning harvest and borning of lambs in the Middle East. Egypt and complex laws are tricks of rabbis. Rabbis brain washed common Jews by a lot of commandments regarding Passover. Memorizing  many laws can put down common Jews, such as farmers, shoemakers, and factory workers. Moreover it forces them to depend on rabbis.  Marxist add that eight days put people out of work and obscure their desire for struggle for social and economic equality.

What shall I say to person  who want to blame my people? Our culture is different from yours. Go ahead and blame Jews because we are an easy targets. You know that there is no evidence from the Torah that we need blood of  children. Create false documents and accuse Jews in the killing children and call Jews as bloodsuckers of common people. Say that Jews are rich because African-American, and Muslims are poor. Orthodox Jews are not afraid of you. I am not afraid of you also. Israel is strong and there is influential Jewish Lobby in the USA.

             I consider that atheist have good points about agricultural cycle in the Middle East Some scientists claim that there is no time for  rituals of Passover for city Jews.  Indeed beginning of the harvest and borning of lambs are  main rational reasons for celebrating this holiday in ancient times. No matter what you say we will continue celebrate our holidays because we believe in G-d, but you does not have to be like us. If you does not believe in God, but does not insult my tradition, you can be my friend.   


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