On the decision of Arafat deportation by Israel cabinet ministers.

Israel by Ariel Sharon:
We are Jews, we are the blessed.
Arafat is bad guy, and he should be dismissed.
Enough of the suicide -bombings, enough of bloodshed.
In 1990s, Shamir and Rabin brought him to power, we gave him money, water, arms...
What is his response?
He imported to us suicide -bombers, Chamas, Jihad, Fathah movement.
No way, grandpa Yasser, old fox, and the rat.
We’ll nail you down, take you out of your cave.
We’ll chain, cage , and send you to Africa.
Your place is with animals: lions, hyenas and wolves.

Palestine by Yasser Arafat:
My home’s Palestine, I’ll die for and with my people.
Jews are aggressors, oppressors and they are the problem.
It is true, Jews are richer than Arabs , but they should not treat us like trash.
We , Palestinians have lived in Middle East for thousands years.
100 years ago, Jews had come to Palestine from all over the world: Russia, France, and US.
Jews are still coming and coming from Russia, Ukraine, and France.
Jews kill Arab people, take land, water, mules…
Their army is stronger , their brains are Jewish, and I hate Jewish nose.
Just tell me, “How can I deal with rich ones?”
I know the terror, lies and more terror, this is my trade.

Other voices from all over the world:
Don’t kill Arafat, grandpa Yasser, he isn’t a rat.
He may be misguided, old, stupid, but he is a man.
He is Nobel Prize winner and friend of oppressed.
He chats with the Russians, plays poker with France.
Europe, US, and the rest bring him money and bread.
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