Violence in the workplace Cops and the Law

I am bored and tired Why do people hate lawyers? Show me a man who loves fall season When the cops start working for us? The Trial of a Russian Jew Media, Taxes, Government, Life

I have one night before trial I am running overseas Me vs. Them aka show me money, show me justice. Dedication to Martin Luther King Jr. Is Hanna good?

Are you my love, friend or coincidence? I am trader, and today is not my day. My friend goes to Israel, not for fun, for living, for real. Give me a jail bracelets

Bossy Boss Car Repair at its Worst Why do I look forward to see a cop? Condo Association at its Worst Car Rental at its Worst

Juror Duty is an Honor Battery Charges aka Police Brutality Deadliest War in the US Thoughts in Jail

I love you Life. Fall and Automn, Love and Justice. Modern Life and Car Accident Love and Vision, Soul and Trouble Waiting, boredom and bureaucracy I am missing a friend

Party Thoughts Rich Man Agenda Busy Life Blue Color Job Hurricane And Crazy Eagle.

Blue sky is the eye of the Russia Who let the dog out? College of Hell Answer to the globalization cry baby UK and US aka Bush Speech

November 2003 news Rich dudes are the evil The current news in October 03

USA & Russia aka Bush and Putin love US and UN aka Bush's speech

Mr. General and Ms. Secretary,
Boys and Girls, dogs and cats:
New York for us is battlefield, graveyard, and unfinished war.
Terrorists hate New York, terrorists hate Jew York

US Recession by and for the immigrants!

Americanís crazy, Americanís stupid, Americanís this, and Americanís that.
The country of dream and the country of runners.
Success is the income, art is for profit

Palestine by Yasser Arafat:
My homeís Palestine, Iíll die for and with my people.
Jews are aggressors, oppressors and they are the problem.

Who killed Ayatollah Hakim and about 100 people?
Americans, Israelis, Sadamis, Shiites, or just shit?
They all kill him, and he is killed by himself.

I received certified mail, and I feel so great,
Somebody feels I am so important and wants to do business with me right away,
Who is this businessman? Bill Gates or George Bush?

I was in court, just few days after 9-11.
I come on time. Go to security check point place.
Police is all around. They shout: "Money out; and keys to the basket!"
I gave them keys, and go straight. I beep.

It is time for battle; it is time to fight. My boss hates Jews, blacks, and color.

Time. Let me talk about Lenin, because I'm sick and tired after all,
Because I'm frustrated with the boss! How could he fire me? Just for fun?

I received certified mail, and I feel so great,
Somebody feels I am so important and wants to do business with me right away,
Who is this businessman? Bill Gates or George Bush?
I stand in post office, wait, wait and wait.
It's Christmas time, and line is big as huge snake
Come on postal clerk, hurry up, hurry up,
The business is waiting and I am the man,
Half an hour is gone and I am done with the clerk.
My letter is mine, and who needed me so much?
It's Hitler, Himler, and Muller, law firm which i hate.
I open the letter, and I am just shocked.
They want all my money or they'll see me in court.
Why do they hate me? I am just single Jew, Chicago land, Illinois
The condo association doesn't want any Jews.
They hire a law firm, my bills overdue.
But this a nonsense, assessment is paid every month.
Late fees, violations. I disputed all that.
Legal fees, five hundred dollars, is it a joke or what?
I wanted to call them. Say they are wrong.
They are closed on Sundays, so I called them the next day.
Please fax explanations where are all these fees??
Ok we will fax you. Just wait only a day.
I waited a day, and night, and a day.
I called them again, but they are hiding again.
Oh damn them, I will pay zero to them.
I will hire a lawyer, go to small claims court.
It's racketeering, fraud and a scam.
We'll see what will happen,
Maybe I'll be homeless, we'll see, we will see...

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