I demand camera installation in the courts! What is going on with military? Yuchenko is a president of Ukrain, but why should I care? Bush Jr vs. Bush Sr. aka US and Israel

Why did liberals loose? Bush got his second term. Election is a duty Georgia goes pro-Georgian!

Culture of politics, or why TV is so stupid? Weird, stupid or just double standard? Why should you be in a demonstration?

Israeili wall, UN and Arabs

Gen. Boykin talks about Religion

I am a warehouse worker who is in the labour union. We got a free food on Friday due to the Labour Day. I am not sure what labour union can do for me. They take $10.00 out of my paycheck and I don't even know these guys. So, the fact that the salary of the worker is 10,000K and the CEO is 900,000K is not fair. But what can I do about it? Go to CEO and ask him to share his fortune with workers? He would fire me. The problem with the contract is bad paper and a lot of weird words and phrases which normal people so not understand. I am not sure if lawyers understand labor contracts either. Who can explain me labour contracts?

North Korea leadership is one of the few counties which American leadership does not like. Why? Let's see. 1. Basically, there is no trade between N. Korea and US. 2. N. Korea is relatively small and poor country who has different economic values than US. 3. If the benefit of invading N. Korea is greater then the cost, US will occupy N. Korea. Nuclear power is the major force which N. Korea can use in order to stop American invasion. The future: Nobody knows. Only top scientists and the richest men can speculate accurately on this topic. The worst case scenario is that the whole world can be destroyed because of the nuclear war and American government do little in order to protect their own citizens. Buy duck tapes and a lot of water is a joke for kids. The best case scenario: Peace and prosperity, and nuclear disarmament for all nations. What is going on: Bush boys increase military spending, isolate US, and continue to increase gap between poor and rich. There are already more then 9 million of unemployed in the US, and the wage difference between assembly line worker and CEO is getting bigger and bigger. Will US invade N. Korea? If N. Korea does not have nuclear power and the cost of invading is small, US may invade. What US should do: Work closely within UN on the nuclear and economic issues. Every country should try to decrease its military spending if they want to achieve economic prosperity. Increase trade with North Korea. Start thinking more about domestic agenda as well.

Why does Bush say that Yasser Arafat needs to be removed? Because Ariel Sharon told him to say so.
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