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Jewish religion is a foundation of Christianity. Therefore, there are a lot of similarities between these religions. Indeed, in the beginning of the expansion of Christianity, Jews who accepted Jesus as a Messiah could go to the same synagogue with other Jews. A world view of the first followers of the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, is mostly a world view of the Jewish religion, Judaism. The main difference between Judaism and Early Christianity is that the Messiah has come in Christianity, and Christians wanted not to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.

The Jewish world view that reflects in the Torah is the main factor in the creation of Christianity. The word Torah has few meanings. First, Torah is five books of Moses. This is a history of the creation of the Universe as well as G-d’s covenant with Jewish people. The dash in the word G-d means that the Jews did not use vowels in the Written Torah, and the name of the Lord is sacred.The Torah as well as Prophets and Writings is one of three sections of the Written Law. More generally the word Torah includes the Written Law and the Oral Law. The Oral Law is a description how to perform rituals and the interpretation of the Written Law. There are 613 commandments which Jews did at that time.

Political and social situation in Palestine and in the Roman Empire then is the second reason in the creation of Christianity. First Christians were Jews who lived in Palestine under the Roman occupation in the first century A.C.E. At that time Jews had a unique religion from those of other nations. Most of the occupied Mediterranean nations believed in polytheism, did not rebel against Roman Empire, and were influenced by Roman culture. Jews believed in one G-d. The Roman Power did not like the implication of this religion. Jews did not eat with non-Jews and did not marry with non-Jews. These "separatists" had a lot of complex laws and obeyed 613 commandments. Moreover, Jews believed in their future liberator, the Messiah. This is one of the reasons why Jews rebelled against Rome, and Rome tried to diminish the power of Judaism in Palestine.

Who is the Messiah according to the Torah? This word translates from Hebrew as an "anointed one." According to the Torah a prophet usually declares a future king and anoints him with oil. A king begins to rule the Jewish people. Although the anointed one should be a perfect king, there were no perfect kings. Moreover, Jews lost political sovereignty and were oppressed by Babylonians, Greeks, and finally by Romans. The prophet Isaiah and other great Jews wrote that the Messiah will come. Consequently, Jews waited for a Jewish king, the Messiah, who would liberate them from the oppressors. The Messiah will be a descendent of King David, who will make Jerusalem the center of the world and would bring truth, justice, and peace. Consequently there will be no poor and ill people. Therefore, Jews and those who support Jews will be happy. In other words, the kingdom of G-d will come.

At that time some people claimed that they knew the Messiah, and who declared themselves as Messiahs. For instance, one of the great rabbis, Rabbi Akiva and his students believed that the leader of liberation from Rome, Bar-Kochba was the Messiah. Another example is Jesus Christ whose followers declared him as the Messiah. Jesus Christ was a Jew who declared that the kingdom of G-d had come. Although he did not declare himself as a Messiah, his followers claimed that he was the anointed one. This person preached and interpreted the law in a special way by parables and allegories. Some of his ideas do not contradict the Jewish Law. Other messages "fulfill the law" according to him and his followers. Jews considered some of his laws, like loving an enemy, unacceptable. Since there are no Jewish references to Jesus Christ at that time, I try to substantiate Jewish rejection towards his teachings based upon my knowledge of Judaism.

Jesus said that a person should love his enemies. For instance, he said, if an enemy beats your one cheek, you need to allow him to beat your other cheek. Although Jews emphasized that a person should be kind, this statement contradicts the Jewish Law. Jews believed that G-d would give them strength to fight with enemies successfully. Indeed, G-d helped Jews to kill the indigenous people of Palestine that is recorded in the Written Torah, Greeks, in the book of Macabbes. With the help of G-d Moses understood that time for negotiation with the pharaoh was over. The Jewish people needed to get away from their enemies and to fight for G-d’s promised land. With the help of G-d a small group of Macabbes fought successfully with a huge army of Greeks in order to live according to the Torah. Moreover, Jesus’ love for our enemies contradicts his own teaching as well. He said that the Law should be for men, and men should not live for the sake of Law. Since his love for enemies is a Law, people should give their lives to their enemies.

What will happen if Jews will follow Jesus’ advice? Most probably the Jews' enemies would kill them, or convert them to their polytheistic religion and turn them to slaves. There are only three events when a Jew is allowed to kill himself according to the Oral Torah at that time according to the modern, observant Jews such as Lubavitche Hasidim. This is a better alternative to killing innocent people, having sex with close relatives, or worshipping idols. In the Written Torah: G-d said to Jews that they should not make idols and worship them Exodus(20:4, 20:5), and honor your parents (20:12). Therefore, Jesus’ advice is good for slaves, but not for Jews whose G-d had already liberated them from Egypt. Not only Jesus taught useless advice; he did not fulfill himself as a Messiah. Definitely, he did not liberate Jews from Rome. That is why, Jesus was considered as a false prophet.

I consider the Jewish rejection as a very rational action that reflects Jewish world view. As a ”prophet” he made some statements that contradict the Jewish Law. As a “Messiah” he did not liberate Jews and become a king. Therefore, a teaching of this Jew has became very popular only among non-Jewish slave peoples.

"We believe people in this country ought to be able to work hard and dream big."
George W. Bush 10-15-03(Speech in CA)
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USA & Russia aka Bush and Putin love
USA and UN aka Bush speech
War in Iraq Sharon, Arafat..
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